Online CV Essential for Job Searches

By Debra Wheatman

On December 21, 2010

In Job Search Strategies

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Internet technology and social media have become a common way for many of us to communicate with family, friends and/or colleagues – whether emailing on the train ride home, sharing pictures through Facebook, or connecting with old business associates via LinkedIn. Social media is definitely here to stay!

As it becomes a mainstream communication channel, many job seekers are finding social media to be an excellent avenue for identifying potential career opportunities. Hiring managers and recruiters also report using social media more often to conduct in-depth research about prospective candidates. That is good news!

While the traditional résumé in Word doc or PDF format is still a critical component of any job search, adding a web-based or virtual résumé to your job search arsenal can get you ahead of the curve and yield great results. 

Web-based résumés are increasingly popular because they allow job seekers to provide a more dynamic picture of themselves, and can easily be modified and updated. One of the best sites for creating a web-based résumé that we have found is There are other sites that offer Virtual résumés, but VisualCV has been ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal for user friendliness.

Below are some of the reasons why Web-based résumés are so popular and are sure to become the industry standard of this decade:

  1. Virtual résumés allow for greater exposure because they are searchable, not only at the VisualCV website for example; but also via Google and other search engines. 
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words; you can put photos on your Virtual résumé and can even create a video! With a Web-based résumé you are able to present your credentials, much like a reporter delivering information on the latest breaking news. 
  3. A virtual résumé also allows you to highlight achievements using graphs, charts and slide presentations – this rich media presentation can bring your key strengths to light in a new and powerful way.
  4. Awards and recommendations may also be posted without space concerns, unlike a traditional résumé. This is a huge plus of the virtual résumé.
  5. Links to your various social media profiles are easily added to give readers a more comprehensive understanding of your background.
  6. Sound bites and audio recordings are easily generated and embedded into a Web-based résumé. They can be used to tell your story in greater detail and provide prospective employers with a true feel for your unique communication style.

If you would like more information about how a web-based résumé can become an integral part of your job search strategy, please email or contact Careers Done Write at 646-389-SEEK (646-389-7335).

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