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By Debra Wheatman

On June 13, 2011

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Every week, we highlight a portion of a different résumé to help our readers learn how to create a better career document. Today we are taking a look at the résumé of a senior level project manager who is also involved in growing business and managing accounts. All of his personal information has been removed to keep his identity confidential.

Bob’s résumé includes a headline, a summary profile, and a core competency section.  The name and address section, which is not depicted below, has nice visual appeal. However, he has some critical errors that could cost him interviews.  One of the biggest mistakes Bob makes on his résumé is his choice of wording. The first sentence of his summary section uses the first person, “I” and the second sentence of his summary section has incorrect word usage.

As a hiring manager reviews this résumé, he or she will notice the inaccuracy.  Bob’s résumé must be perfect.  Mistakes will not be tolerated.  If your résumé, which is your introduction to a company, has errors, what does that say about how you will perform on the job?  A sloppy résumé equals a sloppy employee in the mind of most hiring managers.

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