Personal Branding to Fire Up Your Job Search

By Debra Wheatman

On March 10, 2011

In Professional Branding

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If you have been searching for a new and challenging career opportunity, it may be time to ignite your job search by creating and promoting a personal brand. You might be wondering what personal branding can really do for you?  Think Cartier versus Timex. 

To paraphrase Wikipedia, personal branding is a method to mark yourself as a brand (similar to the watches mentioned above). In the case of a professional working to advance their career, this may include clothing, appearance and/or knowledge. Wikipedia further mentions that personal branding is becoming increasingly prevalent to improve online social networking via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Here are a few great ways to implement a personal brand strategy and fire up your job search:

  1. Make sure all your career related documents (résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, professional bio, etc.) reflect your brand in a positive way.  If you present yourself as a valuable commodity, you will be perceived as one. Your documents should look aesthetically pleasing and be error free. They should send a clear message about who you are and what you do best.
  2. Participate as an active member on LinkedIn Groups and internet forums that pertain to your area of specialization. For example, if you are in the financial space, you can join a variety of finance related communities and add your personal expertise to further your brand.
  3. Consider having your own regular blog to share your expertise and further promote your professional brand.  If you are unable to spend that level of time and commitment, you may want to reach out to well known sites in your field of expertise and become a guest blogger.
  4. Create a digital résumé. Digital resumes are a great choice for personal branding because in addition to photos, you can use graphs, charts, audios, and even videos to convey your brand.  My newest find when it comes to digital résumé sites is DoYouBuzz.  As the unusual name implies, a digital résumé can help you to create a ‘buzz’ surrounding your personal brand.

It is critical as you are creating a personal brand to determine not only what you are good at, but what career roadmap is going to make you happy. We work with clients to help them assess their capabilities and preferences and create a personal branding strategy that works for them.

I have seen firsthand the positive results that an effective personal branding plan can bring. Those executives who carefully position themselves can make great strides toward maximizing their careers. It does take some effort, but the dividends can pay off for many years to come and be very lucrative, indeed.

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