What can I do in my job search to find a company that is a match for me?

By Debra Wheatman

On August 17, 2012

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Dear Deb:

I am gay and it is really important for me to work for a company that accepts me.  I have no intention of hiding who I am.  At company parties, I want to be able to bring my husband without whispers.  Having benefits for my husband is important too.  At the same time, my personal life will never get in the way of my job performance. It is more about me not having to lie about my life.  What can I do in my job search to find a company that is a match for me?  Also, when can I ask in the interview process about benefits for my husband?


Nate B., Seattle, WA

Dear Nate,

Compensation and job functions are important when making a job selection.  However, if the company culture is not a match, an employee will not be happy.  I applaud your insight to recognize this as you start a job search.  You should conduct research before and during the interview process.  Company websites, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn pages are great places to uncover details about a company.  Also, review the profiles of employees of the company.  Go to sites such as vault.com and read what current and former employees say about the company.  Also Google “gay friendly companies” and you will find several resources.  You can add to that “Seattle” to the search bar and find resources for your region.  According to CNN Money, 95 out of the Forbes 100 companies have non-discrimination policies.  That is a very good indicator.

You also asked about benefits. This can be discussed during the negotiation of salary and any other “perks” that you are seeking as part of your offer. If you want to review the health policy in more detail, ask the HR contact for a copy of the benefit plan summary.  

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