Brand Yourself ‘New and Improved’ for Career Success

By Debra Wheatman

On August 11, 2011

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By nature human beings like to experience new things; but most of us also have a need to maintain the status quo. To attract the attention of hiring managers who may already know you, but have overlooked you in the past, you will need to step up your professional brand. There is no need to totally reinvent yourself. The fact that you are a known entity can and should be used to your advantage.

The trick lies in how to convey that you are still the same trusted resource, only better. Your career will benefit from taking a look at those areas where you have grown and adjusting your messaging to reflect the ‘new and improved’ YOU. Potential hiring managers may not realize how you have transformed and it is up to you to let them know.

To make them aware, you must first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been given increasing levels of responsibility in your current role? Did you receive a promotion? Have you worked on any projects that resulted in the expansion of your knowledge base?
  • Do you have an additional degree? Is there any professional training you have taken lately that adds value to your expertise?
  • Have you gotten an updated photo for use on social media websites? Do you have a revised curriculum vitae (résumé) or professional biography that details your experience?
  • Are you involved with any new volunteer organizations, associations, or charitable endeavors?

You should think about the improvements you have made over time. To market your professional brand as new and improved, you must create compelling emails, InMails, and handwritten notes to accompany your updated information.

Reach out to your network; expand your communication efforts to extend your professional reach. Keep in touch with influential executives and let them know your personal brand offers more now than ever before. You will be glad you did.

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